A Chronicle of Amy and Sean's World Travels

The Route (So Far)

Our original plan:

  • 31-Mar ( 2 weeks) – Spain
  • 14-Apr  (1 week) – Portugal
  • 21-Apr  (2 weeks) – Morocco
  • 5-May   (1 week) – Egypt
  • 12-May (1 week) – Jordan
  • 19-May (3 weeks) – South Africa
  • 9-Jun     (1 week) – Africa, TBD
  • 16-Jun   (2 weeks) – Safari
  • 30-Jun   (3 weeks) – Ireland
  • 21-Jul    (2 weeks) – Croatia
  • 4-Aug    (1 week) – Hungary
  • 11-Aug  (1 week) – Czech Republic
  • 18-Aug  (1 week) – Poland
  • 25-Aug  (1 week) – Slovakia
  • 1-Sep    (1 week) – Slovenia
  • 8-Sep    (4 weeks) – China
  • 6-Oct     (3 weeks) – Japan
  • 27-Oct   (4 weeks) – India
  • 24-Nov (5 weeks) – Thailand
  • 29-Dec  (2 weeks) – Cambodia
  • 12-Jan   (1 week) – Laos
  • 19-Jan   (3 weeks) – Vietnam
  • 9-Feb    (3 weeks) – Australia
  • 2-Mar    (3 weeks) – New Zealand
  • 23-Mar (2 weeks) – South Pacific island, TBD

Of course, we veered off course.  Click on the map below to follow where we actually went.  In addition to countries and dates, the map also includes the towns where we stayed, our accommodations, and mode of transportation.  Follow along!

View Amy and Sean’s World Trip in a larger map

4 Responses to “The Route (So Far)”

  1. nbluemling says:

    This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time! Thank you for allowing us to follow along. I am wishing good health to start. BTW–we ended up throwing out toilet paper from our backpacks as soon as we landed. And my two friends actually wore fishing vests picked out by their parents to keep their documents safe and near to them. They got tossed immediately as well.
    So psyched!

  2. Mom.Joan says:

    YAY, Cambodia and YAY, STEELERS! So exciting that you get to watch the game on the other side of the world ~ doesn’t get much better than that. :) You’ll be celebrating with the Cambodians when we win & climb the Stairway to Seven!!

  3. Nicole F-S says:

    I was just looking at your very cool, interactive map of where you have been for the past eleven or so months. One word – amazing. How many more stops in your trip before you come stateside? Miss you!

  4. Amy says:

    Hi Nicole! Not sure how many stops specifically before we return home mid-May, but we’ve got a fair number of places left to see in Vietnam, then we’ll be hitting a few islands in Thailand. We have to make our way down to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by the beginning of April to fly to New Zealand. We’ll stop in Kauai, Hawaii before we return home. So all in all, 25 countries plus the U.S. – I was just counting today, actually. Miss you lots – can’t wait to see your new house.

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