A Chronicle of Amy and Sean's World Travels

Documents and such

  • Capital One credit card

We got this credit card before we left because they don’t charge the 3% fee for international transactions that most cards charge.  It has worked out well, although they want you to call in regularly to report your whereabouts for fraud protection.  We earned enough points in the beginning of our trip to get 2 free plane tickets from Jordan to the UAE with our rewards.

  • Other credit card

Definitely bring a back-up; sometimes our main card was shut down for fraud protection or just wouldn’t work.

  • ATM card
  • Passports
  • Pennsylvania driver’s licenses
  • International driver’s licenses

Most car rental companies only wanted to see our state license, but it is a good idea to get the international one just in case. 

  • Extra passport sized photos for visas
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Immunization cards
  • Emergency cash

We have about $200 USD stashed in various places just in case.  We used some once in Jordan.  They wanted cash for a visa, and didn’t have an ATM in the visa area, so we had to convert some USD to Jordanian dinars.

  • Stored on our computer, at home with our parents, and online at Google Documents: copy of passports, licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, immunization cards, credit/atm cards, etc.

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